Designing and Facilitating Effective Discussions

Discussions can engage learners in deeper thinking, foster community, and promote student motivation. In this workshop, graduate students and postdocs will develop a toolbox to design classroom discussions and facilitate learning communities.

Successful In-Class Group Work

Develop a toolbox to structure and manage in-class group work successfully. This workshop is designed for graduate students and post-docs looking to build skills for both current and future teaching roles.

Facilitation Workshop

Develop a versatile toolbox as a classroom facilitator through hands-on experience with typical challenges.

Inclusive Teaching Workshop

Examine a range of inclusive teaching approaches to use in the classroom and beyond, and practice what to say during “hot moments” or difficult discussions.

TA Chat: Keeping Students Interacting Asynchronously

Are students not interacting with each other as much or as deeply as they used to at the start of the semester? In this TA Chat, we’ll share tips and tricks that encourage meaningful interactions in asynchronous spaces such as discussion boards and other online collaborative platforms.

Teaching College Students on the Autism Spectrum

Learn strategies and approaches that benefit all students by applying universal design principles to support success for autistic students (note: please see event description for note on person-first language).

TA Teaching and Learning Hour

Weekly drop-in for any and all TA’s. We’ll prevent and resolve challenges, and share successes and tips. Today’s 10-Minute Tip: Successful Assignments and Fewer Emails with Questions Through Transparency. Please register at least one hour before the event starts.