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Delta Digital Brochure

Delta’s Digital Brochure is a multimedia introduction to what Delta is, how to get involved, and why we can be your home for teaching and mentoring professional development. Click around to learn about the opportunities at Delta and hear what alumni have to say about the value of our programming.

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Why participate?

Support the learning of all students in the classroom and beyond through evidence-based practices.

  • Explore an array of evidence-based strategies and resources
  • Apply teaching practices that are inclusive and engaging
  • Complete an internship project to get real-world experience and expertise
  • Improve your students’ learning
  • Jump into an efficient start to teaching aspects of your career
  • Greater satisfaction and confidence as a teacher

Demonstrate experience, gain skills, and develop job application materials.

  • Target your career goals through our rich array of online and local offerings and internship projects
  • Develop transferable skills, such as communication, teamwork and leadership
  • Demonstrate commitment to teaching and learning
  • Reflect on your skill development and document evidence of your progress
  • Create artifacts for your teaching and learning portfolio
  • Write a strong cover letter, CV and teaching philosophy

Join a community that is committed to advancing effective teaching.

  • Develop a cross-disciplinary network of graduate student and post-doc educators with local offerings
  • Connect with a national network of future faculty with online offerings
  • Those completing the certificate may qualify for a CIRTL exchange, and take a trip to a different CIRTL campus to share teaching and disciplinary work

How can you participate in Delta?

Attend a workshop

Want to begin exploring effective teaching practices or get ready for the job market? Our workshops cover inclusive and effective teaching, grant applications and tying everything into your CV and cover letter.

People sit around a table. The focal person is speaking with a smile, with her hands gesturing.

Take a course or seminar

Engage in a deeper, more impactful learning experience in a semester-long course or seminar. Online and in-person courses focus on a variety of topics and can be integrated into graduate programs, including counting within dissertator credits.

3 people sit and converse around a table, laptops open in front of them, in a classroom setting.

Join our Internship Program

Each semester, the Delta Program supports a cohort of graduate students and post-docs who, in partnership with faculty and instructional staff, complete innovative projects to improve student learning.

A speaker stands in front of her poster, explaining the details of her TAR project findings.

Complete a Certificate in Teaching and Learning

The Certificate is designed to celebrate your dedication to teaching and learning, and be useful throughout the job search as a way to collect and communicate your achievements.

5 people pose together, all smiling. One person holds a Delta certificate in front of her.