The Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning promotes excellence in undergraduate education through the development of a national faculty committed to implementing and advancing effective teaching practices for diverse learners as part of successful and varied professional careers.


The Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning achieves its mission through the use of Teaching-as-Research, Learning Communities, and Learning-through-Diversity:

  • Improving undergraduate education on the UW–Madison campus and beyond through the use of Teaching-as-Research
  • Functioning as a self-sustaining Learning Community that provides fluid leadership and membership roles to all participants
  • Positioning Learning-through-Diversity as an integral part of teaching and learning initiatives across campus

CIRTL Network

The Delta Program is a member of the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL). CIRTL is a network of research universities across the United States and Canada, administered at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

The Delta Program is located within the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School. The program has been developed with the generous support of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation. Opinions, findings, and conclusions/recommendations expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of NSF.