Internship Opportunities

Completed your Delta or CIRTL course and ready to choose an internship project?

You can bring your own project ideas, or you consider our open opportunities below. Required internship project development workshops begin in May for the fall cohort, and October for the spring cohort.

–> For all projects, please use the questions to ask your faculty partner to shape a project here.

There are three ways that interns connect with projects.

  1. Consider our available opportunities (below). Contact the faculty partner listed to shape a project that fits both of your goals and interests.
  2. Address any challenge in student learning for a course or lab (or learning center, or outreach…) by approaching a faculty member you know, or in you are TA’ing, etc. Such as: Why don’t my students understand photosynthesis after I teach it? How can I improve critical thinking skills?
  3. Interested in a particular context, challenge, or institution? We can talk about it and come up with something creative.

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Internship Opportunities