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[C] = course, [LC] = learning community, [1/2C] = Half course
To join an Internship cohort, you will need: 1C (internship overview here)
To join a Certificate cohort, you will need: 2C + LC + internship (certificate overview here)

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Note: The Internship prerequisite is one course. The Certificate requirements are completion of two courses, a learning community, and the internship.


In person


  • Online Teaching Practicum

    The Online Teaching Practicum is a unique opportunity to learn how to effectively support synchronous online learning, with the option to propose and facilitate a future online workshop.

  • Advancing Learning through Evidence-Based STEM Teaching

    An 8-week open, online, asynchronous short course (MOOC) designed to provide future STEM faculty, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with an introduction to effective teaching strategies and the research that supports them