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We use Δ’s (deltas) to indicate how a course counts toward our Internship and Certificate prerequisites.

Internship Prerequisites = 2Δ’s + Teaching Plan 4-week series
Certificate Prerequisites = 5Δ’s (total) + Internship

Click on these links to filter our offerings below by 1 Δ  or 2 Δ’s.

Courses: Summer 2022

Courses: Fall 2022

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Am I eligible for these classes?

While courses are designed for graduate students and postdocs, all UW-Madison members — including faculty, staff, lecturers, dissertators, etc. — are welcome to register.

Do I have to take Delta courses for credit?

Most Delta courses can be taken for university credit, but this is optional. You will be asked in the registration form if you would like to take the course for credit, and then given information on how to enroll for credit if you so choose. If you do not enroll through UW’s system for credit, the course(s) will not appear on your transcript. Delta will still track your participation, and it will count toward your Delta Certificate.