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Note: The Internship prerequisite is one course. The Certificate requirements are completion of two courses, a learning community, and the internship.


In person

  • 4-Week Internship Preparation Series

    Get started with your Delta internship experience! This four-week series will prepare you to develop your backwards designed teaching plan during the internship seminar.

  • Teaching in Science and Engineering: The College Classroom

    Develop foundational knowledge of a evidence-based pedagogical practices, explore how excellence and diversity are intertwined, and practice new teaching approaches in a supportive environment.

  • Research Mentor Training

    Explore strategies to become a more effective, culturally responsive mentor, and discuss mentoring challenges as they arise.

  • Leveraging Tech to Teach

    Teach better and more efficiently by harnessing learning technologies in your practice. We’ll explore how to effectively use tools such as videos, interactive media, screencasting, games and simulations, online discussions, and, of course, Canvas.

  • Effective Teaching in an Internationally Diverse Classroom

    Using the lens of international experience, this course models 'flipped classroom' and 'blended learning' approaches and advances your skills in leveraging the diversity of your students for the learning of all.

  • Exploring Practices in the Classroom: TA Learning Community

    For new or experienced TAs: develop an effective, inclusive teaching practice as well as navigate teaching challenges as they emerge throughout the semester

  • Internship Seminar

    Develop your teaching skills with a real-world project to address a challenge in student learning.