Certificate Application

If you are ready to join the fall or spring cohort for the Delta Certificate Program, we invite you to apply using this online application form.

Apply Here

We typically accept applications for our Fall/Winter cohort in August and September, and applications for the Spring/Summer cohort in December and January. If you have any questions about the Certificate application or when to apply, please contact info@delta.wisc.edu.

The application will require you to input the following information: Which cohort you are applying to (see the timelines for more information); whether or not you have completed the pre-requisites; as well as specific information about your history with the Delta program; including past courses and programs in which you have participated.*

Before submitting your application, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Completion of two graduate courses on teaching and learning, including at least one full-semester course offered by the Delta Program*
  2. Active participation in the Delta Learning Community, including either participation in a semester-long Delta Program (e.g., Expeditions in Learning, Research Mentor Training) OR an alternative engagement that has been approved by Delta staff
  3. Completion of the Delta Internship**, including the Internship Seminar, Reflective Statement, Internship Summative Report, and related presentation slides

*Any non-Delta courses, including CIRTL courses, require prior Delta staff approval.
**Please refer to the Internship Guidebook for more guidelines related to the internship requirements.

If you have not met the prerequisites yet, you must do so before you are able to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

Note that you may only save and continue the application later from the same browser on the same computer.