Alumni Snapshots

  • Brett

    Instructor and Ph.D. Student, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, UW Madison "I believe my engagement in Delta has provided me with more 'academic accessories' in my toolbelt."

  • Picture of Laura


    Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rochester "The Delta program gave me the resources to consider teaching from a scholarly perspective."

  • Elizabeth


    Postdoctoral Researcher at Argonne National Laboratory "I learned so much through Delta and am constantly committed to learning new ways to be an effective and inclusive instructor, mentor and communicator."

  • Jeremy

    “Through participating in Delta classes I greatly expanded my teaching and mentoring toolkits as well as my confidence in using these new tools…The Delta Internship helped me to apply scientific inquiry to the classroom in …

  • Ali

    “Delta provided many opportunities for me to learn about evidence-based pedagogies in a community of people that shared my passion of teaching.” My Path Through Delta Courses and seminars: Exploring Student Learning Through Writing Across …

  • Carolyn

    “My Delta experience gave me a framework and a language for thinking about teaching and mentoring, which helps me be more purposeful in my interactions with students and more confident in my discussions while on …

  • Katie

    Ph.D. student, Department of Political Science, UW-Madison; Dana-Allen Dissertation Fellow, Institute for Research in the Humanities, UW-Madison. "Participation in Delta programs gave me new ways to think about inclusive teaching..."

  • Emily

    “Delta helped me meet other graduate students and UW faculty and staff interested in teaching and student learning, and advance my passions for establishing inclusive teaching, strategies for active learning, and setting and achieving student learning …

  • Kevin

    “Without the Delta program at UW–Madison, the only teaching experience I would have gained as a graduate student was serving as a Teaching Assistant; but with Delta, I also took multiple courses to learn how …

  • Kalin

    “The inclusive teaching practices I learned through Delta have not only been applied to the classroom, but I was able to use what I learned in Delta to co-found a diversity and inclusion committee for …

  • Bethany

    “I used my Delta course and teaching project experience in every aspect of my application.“ “During the interview process, being able to talk about my internship highlighted my commitment to increasing student access to higher …

  • Stephanie

    “I was able to develop a well-rounded understanding of evidence based teaching that has informed my classroom approach and allowed me to hit the ground running when I began teaching professionally.” My Path Through Delta …

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