Research Advisors

Research advisors play a pivotal role in their advisees' education and professional development. Certainly the students' focus rightly rests with the actual research and writing of the dissertation, but the Delta Program believes there is space and time for additional professional development around teaching and learning.

The Delta Internship Program provides graduate students and postdocs the opportunity to get practical experience teaching, where, for example, they have responsibility for curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation. The student's internship experience is also likely to lead to improved performance in the research lab as interns sharpen their skills in time management and communication. These skills will be reinforced by the internship's teaching-as-research approach of hypothesis generating, testing, and evaluation.

Because the support and encouragement of the research advisor is important to the success of any internship project, we do require interns to receive signed consent from their advisor via the Advisor Approval Form (pdf) prior to engaging in the program.

If you have any questions about your advisee's participation in the internship program, please e-mail Don Gillian-Daniel, director of the Delta Internship Program.