Certificate Recipients

"As I near completion of the program and begin to apply for Careers, I feel substantially more confident in the appearance and substance of both my research and teaching credentials than I did a few years ago. This confidence comes in part from my more thorough recognition of the benefits of applying my scientific curiosity to all aspects of my life, rather than limiting it to what is traditionally considered scientific. My participation in the Delta program is largely responsible for this realization."

Eric Horsman
Spring 2006 Certificate Recipient

Delta Teaching and Learning Portfolios

Congratulations to all the participants who have earned their Delta Certificate in Research, Teaching, and Learning. Click on the recipient's name to view their Teaching and Learning Portfolio.

Spring 2018
Alessandra York (Genetics)

Fall 2017
Ahmed Elnabawy (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
Carolyn Voter (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Josh Pultorak (Integrative Biology)
Jeremy Spool (Zoology)
Michelle Keller-Pearson (Cellular and Molecular Biology)

Spring 2017
Jennifer Reinhart (Comparative Biomedical Sciences)
Nathaniel Butler

Fall 2016
Dallas Wulf (Physics)
Ethan Nelson (Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences)

Spring 2016
Sarah Nason (Environmental Chemistry and Technology)
Stephanie Knezz (Chemistry)
Kymberleigh Romano

Fall 2015
Barbara Wendelberger (Statistics)
Kim Dill-McFarland (Bacteriology)
Zachary Handlos (Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences)

Spring 2015
Alexandra Chesney (Molecular and Environmental Toxicology)
Andrew Winters (Atmospheric and Oceanic Science)
Balazs Strenner (Mathematics)
Chandler Benjamin (Engineering Mechanics)
Christina La (Radiology/Medical Physics)
Kata Dosa (Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies)
Kyriaki Chatzikyriakidou (WISCIENCE)
Melanie Spero (Bacteriology)
Teyanna Loether (Animal Sciences)
Vivek Astvansh (Business)

Fall 2014
Ana Porras (Biomedical Engineering)
Beth Pfotenhauer (Bacteriology)

Spring 2014
Jacob Walsh (Limnology/Zoology)
Rembrandt Haft (Great Lakes Bioenergy Resource Center)

Fall 2013
Jessica TeSlaa (Zoology/CMB)
Josh Weber (Physics)
Deborah Rook (Geoscience)
Brad DeBels (Soil Science)

Spring 2013
Tawnya Cary (Zoology)
Gina Hedberg (Bacteriology)
Brianna Laube (Nelson Institute: Environment and Resources)
Sheida Malekpour (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Liz Percak-Dennett (Geoscience)
Paul Sell (Astronomy)
Laura Chernak Slane (Biomedical Engineering)

Fall 2012

Samira Azarin (Engineering)
Kristina Blanke (Molecular & Environmental Toxicology)
Ashley Driver (Dairy Science)
Michelle Jackson (Zoology)
Tess Killpack (Zoology)
Jeff Lorch (Toxicology)

Spring 2012

Yelena (Ellen) Guller (Neuroscience)
Sarah Marsh (Genetics)
Hilary Gerstein (Neurology)
Emily Kara Read (Environmental Engineering)
Nora O'Reilly (Animal Sciences)
E. Jane Bradbury (Botany)

Fall 2011

Tom Carstens (Engineering Physics)
Maria Giakoumopoulos (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Mustafa Ozkaynak (Industrial and Systems Engineering)

Spring 2011

Sharon Jaffe (Center for Climatic Research)
Andrea Lang (Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences)
Elizabeth Becker (Psychology)

Fall 2010

Xiaoyan Ge (Genetics)
Devin Wixon (Botany)

Spring 2010

Ben Yang (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Elyse Bolterstein (Molecular & Environmental Toxicology)
Zachary Pratt (Oncology)
Kyle Rupnow (Electrical Computer Engineering)
Laura Trouille (Astronomy)

Fall 2009

Adam Smith (Computer Science)

Spring 2009

Amy Kamarainen (Zoology)
Elyssa Monzack (Biomedical Engineering)
Seth Magle (Environmental Studies)
Todd Gruber (Biochemistry)
Alycia Reynolds Lackey (Zoology)

Fall 2008

Jenny Arens-Gubbels (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Kelly Gorres (Biomolecular Chemistry)
Shelley Crausbay (Botany)
Jeff Klukas (Physics)
Paul Riley (Geology)
Maria Dahmus (Environmental Studies)
Melissa Witner Anderson (Biophysics)

Spring 2008

Patrick Rault (Mathematics)
Scott Spak (Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences)
Adam Hoffman (Environmental Chemistry)
Britt Carlson (Biomolecular Chemistry)
Christine Vatovec (Land Resourses)

Fall 2007

Sarah Wright (Botony)

Spring 2007

Aya Diab (Engineering Physics)
Brad Bolling (Food Science)
Adam Creuziger (Engineering Mechanics)
Alysa Remsburg (Zoology)

Spring 2006

Jen Dufek (Botany)
Lisa Torrey (Computer Science)
Sara Kerr (Environmental Engineering)
Sarah Titus (Geology)

Fall 2005

Tom Grys (Microbiology)
Sam Pazicni (Chemistry)

Spring 2005

Matt D'Amato (Material Science)