Work with an engaging microbiology, genetics or virology class at Edgewood College

Description: Work with in microbiology, genetics or virology with an instructor at Edgewood College who also pursues (and did a UW Madison post-doc in) scholarly, evidence-based teaching. Heidi already includes a variety of engaging teaching approaches, so this opportunity lets you see those in action as well as connect with faculty at a primarily undergraduate institution.

Semester(s) an intern might contact: Fall or Spring
Institution: Edgewood
Department(s):Division of Biological Sciences 
Intern background needed: General biology, some microbiology
If we do not have face-to-face instruction:
Course will be offered with a synchronous online component


Bio310 Microbiology, lecture/lab, sophomore, 17-60 students;

Bio410 Genetics, lecture/discussion, upper level, 15 students;

Bio414 Virology, lecture, upper level, 12 students

Dates and times: Variable

Challenges a project might address include:
Potential Guest Teaching Topics/Units (weeks 6-10 of the semester): Microbiology – immunology, virology; Genetics – population genetics, molecular genetics; Virology – lifecycles

Teaching strategies of interest: Developing and assessing the effectiveness of active, engaging teaching approaches
Teaching strategies currently used: Connecting to real-world student experiences, problem- or project-based learning, incorporating writing, collaborative learning, inquiry-based labs, frequent formative assessment

Please Contact: Heidi Horn,