Exploring Practices in the Classroom: Navigating Challenges with Inclusive Teaching


Days: Thursdays starting September 16
Times: 1:20pm – 3:00pm
Facilitator: Rosette Cirillo
Location: Will be in person on campus, classroom location TBD
Credit information
: optional 1 credit
Satisfies prerequisite toward the Delta Certificate: Δ (1 delta)
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The challenges we face as teaching assistants at the university can keep us awake at night. From supporting first-gen students and creating an inclusive classroom environment to larger scale inequities and power dynamics in departmental politics, the stress of these conflicts can prevent us from responding with care. How might we better approach these conflicts as they emerge?

This practice-based course will combine case studies and participants’ teaching challenges to create an experiential learning space to discuss, diagnose, and respond to these conflicts. We will interrogate our own assumptions on what is possible in the university classroom so that we might better support and care for students who have been marginalized by the university system. With supplementary scholarly readings on race, class, gender, and disability studies, we will explore and interrogate how and when various student identities are welcomed, supported, and excluded at the university and our own roles in that process.

A central goal of the course is to foster community for TAs while also developing the confidence to respond to conflict in the classroom and promote equity through their actions. Experienced and new TAs are welcome; course work will focus on brief writing and reflecting, with optional readings, in recognition of TAs’ intense work responsibilities. 


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