Director of Curriculum Development at Northwestern University

Lecturer and Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Learning Sciences

DELTA INTERNSHIP PROJECT: “The effects of drawing prompts on signal processing in electrical engineering”

What motivated you to start participating in Delta?

I was interested in the work at Delta, and the courses sounded interesting and useful.

What programming from Delta helped you become a more effective and evidence-based educator?
Lots of great tips and ideas from “Teaching in Science and Engineering: The College Classroom” are very useful in my thinking about instructional design.

How did the Delta impact your career?
I support curriculum design and plan workshops for teachers, so a lot of the skills I learned at Delta were useful in my design and research work. In the transition to online workshops, I used ideas from CIRTL to gain design principles and build my workshops.

How did Delta help prepare you for the academic job market?
Some of the panels about the job search and prep process helped / are helping me think through how to present myself to different audiences.