Exploring Practices in the Classroom (EPIC): Remote Teaching and Learning

Day: Tuesdays, starting February 2 through April 6
Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Online
Facilitator: Jessica TeSlaa
Credit information: 1 credit
Satisfies prerequisite toward the Delta Certificate: Δ (1 delta)
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Are you teaching in a remote course for the first time? Do you have some experience in the online classroom, and are looking for ways to be more efficient while supporting your students’ learning? Join this learning community for just-in time support and evidence-based strategies for remote teaching as a graduate teaching assistant. 

As a TA, it can be challenging to balance the immediate needs of teaching with your own development as an effective instructor, especially when teaching in a remote course. This interdisciplinary learning community of TAs will help you develop an effective, inclusive remote classroom as well as navigate teaching challenges as they emerge throughout the semester. Through engaging in this 10-week seminar, participants will develop relationships with other graduate TAs who are interested and invested in these conversations, develop new tools and gain feedback on various teaching approaches, and build toward future teaching goals.

This seminar is geared towards graduate students with a TA position in a course offered remotely/online. If you are not currently teaching but are still interested in participating, please contact the facilitator. 

Satisfies Δ (1 delta)

What do previous participants say about EPIC?

“I gained a lot of insight when discussing current issues faced by my peers that will definitely shape how I handle challenging situations in the future.”

“I appreciated the warm environment to share troubles and help my fellow peers as we learn to teach to the best of our strengths and capabilities!”

“I appreciated the opportunity to meet other TAs across disciplines and share our experiences over the course of the semester.”

“I got to learn from colleagues across the campus, and to be connected with some useful and actionable resources.”

“I highly appreciate the resources that I can actively incorporate into my courses.”

“I gained discussion facilitation strategies, how to give good feedback, and lesson plan development using learning goals.”

Questions? Contact Delta at info@delta.wisc.edu