Collaborate in an online biotechnology course

Description: Collaborate with faculty from the Department of Agronomy in an online course using small group collaborative learning as well as connections to real-world student experiences. The goal is to build an engaging, interactive learning experience for students through a mixture of lecture, lab, and discussion. Class will include student-led discussions and presentations.

Semester: Spring 2021
Institution: UW Madison
Department(s): Agronomy, Horticulture
Intern background needed: Biology; good to have Genetics and Plant Breeding

If we do not have face-to-face instruction: Course will be offered with a synchronous online component

Course: Agron/Hort 338 Plant Breeding and Biotechnology
Course info: Lecture with lab and discussion, 30-50 students. Will have some synchronous online component, format TBD.
Course time/day: MWF 8:50-9:40, plus possibly some other times related to lab

Potential Guest Teaching Topics/Units (weeks 6-10 of the semester): History of Agriculture, Plant Genetics, Breeding Methods, Mendelian segregation, Quantitative Traits, Population Genetics

Teaching strategies of interest: Technology supported learning, flipped classroom
Teaching strategies currently used: Connecting to real-world student experiences, active learning, collaborative learning, technology-supported learning

Please Contact: Lucia Gutierrez