Fantastic opportunity for role in authentic inquiry cell bio lab course

Description: Unique opportunity for a mentored leadership role with the Biocore 384 teaching team including Janet Batzli, Seth McGee, and Anna Kowalkowski in a fantastic program. The Biocore program at UW-Madison offers honors Biology students an authentic, inquiry-based curriculum integrating Biology content, research, communication, and collaboration as well as outreach and leadership opportunities.  Opportunities for Spring 2021 might include one of the following, depending on the intern’s interests, background and availability:

* Assist with the development of online cell biology labs broadly, with a TAR project focusing on taking primary responsibility for adapting, guest teaching and evaluating curriculucum for a single week of lab (4 three hour lab sections + 50 min. discussion sections for each lab section).

* Contribute to a research project on the self- and peer-assessment of effective collaborative small group work, updating an existing Group Effort Analysis (GEA) with aspects of inclusion, equity and cultural humility. The TAR project might focus on brief activities teaching studies how to use the GEA, how to develop these skills, and what these skills look like group work.

* Contribute to a research project on science discourse coding of group research conversations. The TAR project might focus on brief activities teaching students how to provide and receive constructive, respectful, and inclusive feedback to peers as part of teaching goals targeting the creation of collaborative scientific discourse within a CURE (course-based undergraduate research exprience).  X (?not sure what the instructional activy to support this outcome would be- what research is? how to collaboratively work toward successful experimental designs?)
As this opportunity offers more in-depth professional development, the time commitment will depend on the extent of curriculum that the Delta intern helps to develop and teach. Prior to and during the implementation of the newly developed curriculum, this would  include a weekly 1 hour Wednesday planning meeting, a 1.5 hour Friday prep meeting with graduate teaching assistants and undergraduate assistant, and follow up meetings with instructors to discuss assessments.  Responsibilities might include developing curriculum, teaching, and working with/mentoring undergraduate TA’s.
Semester(s): Spring
Institution: UW Madison
Department(s): Biology Core Curriculum (Biocore)
Intern background needed: Strong teaching experience, preferably in undergraduate STEM cellular/molecular biology/ genetics lab courses. Background or interest in inquiry-based teaching approaches.

Course: Biocore 384 (Cell Biology Lab)
Course info: See
Course time/day (spring 2021): four 3-hour lab sections/week (Tues/Thurs 8:50-11:50am, Tues/Wed 1:20-4:20pm)

Please Contact: Devin Wixon <>