Work with Environmental Science at Edgewood College

Description: Guest teach and get an insight into primarily undergraduate institutions at Edgewood College.This introductory environmental studies course includes majors and nonmajors, and incorporates engaging teaching approaches such as local case studies and current events. Content might include the carbon cycle and climate or the water cycle and related issues.

Semester(s):  Fall or Spring
Institution: Edgewood College
Department(s): Biological Sciences; Environmental Science; Environmental Studies
Intern background needed: Ecology or environmental science
If we do not have face-to-face instruction in fall 2020: Will offer with some synchronous online component

Course: BIO/ENVS 250: Intro to Environmental Science
Course info: Intro lecture course; 16-18 students, including majors and non-majors
Course time/day: MWF 10:00-10:50

Potential Guest Teaching Topics/Units:  Carbon Cycle/Climate/Climate Change; Nitrogen cycle; Water Cycle; Agriculture

Challenges a project might address include: Systems thinking; nexus of physics, chemistry, and biology

Teaching strategies of interest: TBD
Teaching strategies currently used:  WI-based case studies including water and agriculture, project about science in the news; collaborative learning; systems thinking and modeling. Blackboard is the CMS, and technology-supported learning includes videos and discussion boards. Assessments include presentations and project write-ups; content integrates cultural ecosystem

Please Contact: Jake Griffin <>