5-Week Learning Communities for Teaching Assistants Teaching Remotely

Dates: TBD
Julie Collins
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Satisfies prerequisite toward the Delta Certificate: Δ (1 Delta)

Teaching remotely is tough — especially if it is your first time.

How do you effectively and inclusively communicate with, engage, and support your students in the virtual classroom while providing efficient feedback to promote learning? Join a learning community of graduate student TAs to work through challenges, celebrate successes, and build your toolbox of tips and tricks related to remote teaching.

Satisfies Δ (1 Delta)

What are participants saying about this course?

“The most helpful aspect of this course was having a community that I could come to each week that regularly affirmed and offered help for the problems that I was experiencing as a novice instructor. The insights I learned there and the grace given for dealing with and sharing my mistakes during a difficult and transformative semester of teaching are things that I will carry with me throughout all of my future teaching experiences.”
— Ali Rushevics

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