Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching: June 22 – 26

Dates: TBD
Times: TBD
Registration Opens: TBD
Satisfies prerequisite toward the Delta Certificate: Δ (1 Delta)

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Get a thorough introduction an evidence-based approach to STEM education and work with disciplinary peers to develop a micro-teaching project in this week-long online institute designed for the Center for the Integration of Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) cross-network community.

The CIRTL Online Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching designed specifically for grad students and postdocs new to teaching. In this five-day institute, participants will experience a thorough introduction to the core ideas that ground CIRTL’s approach to STEM education: learning-through-diversity, learning communities, evidence-based teaching, and teaching-as-research. By examining relevant literature, working online in small peer groups facilitated by topical experts, and performing structured work independently, participants will develop a deep understanding of scientific teaching.

More information for this online summer institute can be found on the CIRTL website

Satisfies Δ (1 Delta)


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