Connect theory to practice in a fluid mechanics course

Description: Bring your ideas for supporting the connection between theory and practice to a junior level course. This opportunity might involve planning and guest teaching a lecture, lab and/or discussion sections.

Semester(s): Fall
Institution: UW Madison
Department(s): Engineering
Intern background needed: Background with fluid mechanics / mechanics broadly
If we do not have face-to-face instruction in fall 2020: Will offer course with some synchronous online component

Course:CEE310: Fluid Mechanics
Course info: Junior level course with ~80 students. Includes lectures, discussions, and labs
Course time/day (fall 2020): Lecture Tues, Thurs 11-11:50 lectures. Various discussions sections/labs

Challenges a project might address include: Connecting theory to practice or finding a way to teach a complex concept
Potential Guest Teaching Topics/Units (weeks 6-10 of the semester): Could include anything from the course learning outcomes.

Teaching strategies of interest: Open to discussing ideas with intern, in particular strategies that combine deep learning with active student engagement.
Teaching strategies currently used: Active participation via incomplete lecture notes that are filled together in class. We also use technology supported learning (online homework, lab videos, etc.) and lab sessions to help make concepts more concrete.
Please Contact: Nimish Pujara <>