Teaching Plan 4-Week Series

Prerequisite: Must have taken, or be taking, a Delta, CIRTL or other approved course(s) totaling two Δ (deltas). See list of Delta courses here. This four-week series is required preparation to join a Delta internship cohort; however, this series is open to all who have taken a course, whether or not you plan to do a Delta internship.

Days and times (Spring 2021): Four Mondays 1:00pm-3:00pm on May 10, 17, 24,  and 31. Participants attend all four sessions, and should also expect ~ 2 hours/week of independent asynchronous* work time outside of the workshops on activities including readings, watching videos, completing assignments and contributing to online discussions.
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Location: Online (link will be emailed to registrants)
Instructors: Devin Wixon
Satisfies prerequisite toward the Delta Certificate: Required preparation for the the internship
Please complete this form if you will be joining a Delta intern cohort in the next semester and can’t attend the times offered.

This four-week series will explore key topics in evidence-based teaching as you build a sample aligned teaching plan: measurable learning outcomes, assessments that promote learning, and equitable and engaging activities. Discussions of creating learning communities and learning through diversity are interwoven throughout. Participants will leave with a backwards-designed teaching plan that might be used in a teaching portfolio or guest teaching experience.

*Asynchronous means that you work on your own schedule, either independently or collaboratively (but possibly at different times). Aysnchronous work includes watching videos, completing readings, quizzes and assignments, contributing to online discussion boards and collaborative documents, and peer reviewing others’ work.

Synchronous means that you, other participants, and your instructor interact using a specific virtual platform at a specific time, often using microphones and webcams to interact in “real time”. Most synchronous courses also have an asynchronous component (assignments outside of class).

Thinking about joining an internship seminar (offered fall or spring)?

You may complete this four-week prep series and join any future intern cohort; it doesn’t have to be the subsequent semester.

Optional: Join the intern information session: Monday April 26, 12:00-1:00pm

The Fall 2021 internship seminar will be Thursdays, 9:30am-11:30am

To join: You will need to complete a project agreement with your faculty partner, and have the kickoff meeting with your faculty partner before the semester begins. We can help you find a project during the teaching plan series.
->Intern opportunities you might consider as your teaching project are here.
->Faculty partner agreement including prompts to guide the kick off meeting are here.

Questions? Contact Devin at internship@delta.wisc.edu.