Teach enzyme kinetics using active learning

Description: Develop an enzyme kinetics teaching plan to get students using active learning to help students succeed in their research projects.

Semester(s): Spring, Fall
Institution: UW Madison
Department(s): Biochemistry
Intern background needed: Some background in biochemistry
Will be open for internship if F20 is online: Yes

Course: Biochemistry 551, Biochemical Methods
Course info: Senior-level capstone lecture and lab course
Course time/day: TBD

Potential Guest Teaching Topics/Units: Enzyme kinetics lecture; this topic is centrally important to their lab research projects.
Challenges a project might address include: Keeping it engaging, as students have some familiarity with the material.

Teaching strategies currently used: The lab is a cohesive, semester-long research project including a research presentation. Think-pair-share, in-class worksheets; in-class interactive via socrative.com. digital lab manual with videos. Some labs and written work are completed with a partner.

Teaching strategies of interest: Active learning and additional inclusive practices.

Please Contact: Lynne Prost <lprost@wisc.edu>