Teaching in Science and Engineering: The College Classroom [C]

Days and times (Spring 2020): 1:20-3:15 pm |Wednesdays
Instructor: Mitchell Nathan
: 229 Teacher Education
Credit information: 2 credits (EPD 654)

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Satisfies prerequisite toward the Delta Certificate: Course

This course offers participants the opportunity to develop foundational knowledge of a wide range of pedagogical theories, ideas, and practices. The material in the course pulls from classical pedagogical literature as well as the latest science in cognitive research. An emphasis is placed on fostering a learner-centered classroom that highlights the interconnected cycle of teaching, learning, and assessment. Participants will engage in the course material using a Teaching-As-Research (TAR) approach and explore how excellence and diversity are intertwined. Together, we will create a learning community of reflective practitioners of teaching. More specifically, we will examine the literature in teaching and learning, produce learner-centered syllabi, and practice actual teaching in a supportive environment grounded in a TAR approach. After completing this course, participants will have tools to create an inclusive classroom environment that welcomes all learners and use a TAR approach in future classrooms of their own.


[C] = course, [LC] = learning community, [1/2C] = Half course
To join an Internship cohort, you will need: 1C (internship overview here)
To join a Certificate cohort, you will need: 2C + LC + internship (certificate overview here)