Hands-On Learning with UW Makerspace

Hands-On Learning with UW Makerspace


Offer a workshop or integrate hands-on learning into a course in collaboration with the UW Makerspace. Bring theory into the real world with hands-on design or visualization for virtually any topic in science and engineering. Realize your ideas on either a workshop series you’d like to offer to undergraduates, or a lab you’d like to integrate into a course. The facility offers equipment including 3D printing, 3D scanner, Virtual and Augmented Reality, textiles, robotics, a machine shop, electronics, laser cutters and more. Content topics are limitless, and might include teaching of everything from protein visualization to making a pendulum, electronics, prototype design, and more.

Semester(s): Fall, Spring
Institution: UW Madison
Department(s): Engineering, Physical Sciences, Natural Sciences
Potential for guest teaching: YES
Intern background needed: Depends on project content

Course: Several, can be integrated into a course or workshop or workshop series

Challenges a project might address include: Hands-on, real world learning
Potential Guest Teaching Topics/Units: Many

Teaching strategies of interest: Many

Please Contact: Devin Wixon | wixon@wisc.edu