Promote student learning in an interdisciplinary agronomy course

Description: The course Cropping Systems of the Tropics (Ag 377), integrating agroecology, environmental impacts and social dimensions, will soon be a core course in the new global health major. An intern could shape a project involving developing and assessing one of the following: using technology to connect the classroom directly with international farmers/researchers, service learning and engaging with local community members, and incorporating real-world elements such as cooking foods.

Semester(s): Spring
Institution: UW Madison
Department(s): Agronomy
Potential for guest teaching: YES
Intern background needed: Course is broad. Some confidence in one of: Agronomy/Hort/Plant Sciences, Ecology/Botany, Food Science, Sociology/Economic Development.

Course: Agron 377 – Cropping Systems of the Tropics
Course info: A mix of students, up to 60; learner-centered with small group discussions and activities
Course time/day: 

Challenges a project might address include:
Potential Guest Teaching Topics/Units: 

Teaching strategies of interest:
Teaching strategies currently used:

Please Contact: Valentin Picasso Risso <>