Bring your ideas for lecture, labs or field trips in an agronomy course

Description: Help develop activities in the lab or field visits- many opportunities to explore your ideas in this agronomy course.

Semester(s): Fall
Institution: UW Madison
Department(s): Agronomy
Intern background needed: Agriculture

Course: Agron 302: forage management and utilization
Course info: This course focuses on forage production and sustainability, and we have a few farm visits during the semester. We also have a lab for species identification.
Course time/day: MWF 8:50 – 9:40

Challenges a project might address include: help develop activities in the lab or field visits, or guest lecture too. Many opportunities.
Potential Guest Teaching Topics/Units: 

Teaching strategies of interest:
Teaching strategies currently used:

Please Contact: Valentin Picasso Risso <>