Explore active learning in physics at Edgewood College

Description: Work with faculty partner to identify challenges, units, and teaching strategies of interest to shape a project (project shaping questions are on the Opportunities page)

Semester(s): Spring
Institution: Edgewood
Department(s): Physics
Potential for guest teaching: YES
Intern background needed:  knowledge of general physics

Course: Introductory Physics, integrated lecture/lab
Course info:
Course time/day: MWF 8-10 am

Challenges a project might address include:
Potential Guest Teaching Topics/Units: Any

Teaching strategies of interest: Connecting my course to real-world student experiences, Problem- or project based learning,Incorporating case studies, Active learning techniques, Incorporating reflective or content-based writing assignments efficiently, ‘Performance’ assessments (e.g. presentations, mock grant proposals), Collaborative learning/small group assignments or projects, Inquiry-based labs

Please Contact: Rachael Lancor <rlancor@edgewood.edu>