Teach hands-on lab techniques in Biotechnology at Madison College

Work with hands-on training in basic lab techniques, part of the Biotechnology Program at Madison College

Description: Oana Martin at Madison College teaches various laboratory skills, biochemistry and related courses as part of Madison College’s hands-on Biotechnology Training Program. She is open to working with a Delta intern on various project ideas, including improving student conceptual understanding and study skill development by strategies such as project-based learning, online quizzes and videos, and adding authentic inquiry components and new experiments to the labs.

Semester(s): Spring, Fall
Institution: Madison College
Department(s): Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biology
Intern background needed: Chemistry

Challenges a project might address include: developing materials to assess student preparation for labs, improving student conceptual understanding, adding new experiments to the labs.

Fall course info

Course: Proteins Bioseparations Methods

Course Info: This is a laboratory course, it introduces the strategies to purify proteins as part of a biotechnology process. Methods include specific activity assays for enzymes, extraction of proteins from bacterial cells, salting out, dialysis, ion exchange chromatography and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.

Course time/day: Thursday, Friday 8:30-11:20 AM Madison College Truax Campus

Spring course info

Course: Chromatography Techniques

Course Info: This is a laboratory course.  It introduces the basic concepts involved in separation of biomolecules. Students complete lab work using a variety of chromatographic methods: thin layer, gel permeation, gas, liquid, and high-performance liquid chromatography. Students also learn to interpret chromatographic results and practice documentation and reporting skills.

Course time/day: Monday and Thursday 1:30-4:20 PM, Madison College Truax campus

Past intern projects and topics with this faculty partner include:

  • Alexa, interactive poll questions
  • Chris, using career-related problem based learning to boost conceptual learning
  • Rachel,  guided discovery and student motivation to learn solution calculations

Please Contact: Oana Martin <OMMartin@madisoncollege.edu>