Work in a flipped course in genetics and molecular biology

Description: Gain real-world experience in a flipped classroom taught in a technology-enabled active learning space (WisCEL). This is a great chance to get in-depth with problem-based learning, formative and summative assessments, and/or group work dynamics.

Semester(s): Fall
Institution: UW Madison
Department(s): Bacteriology; Microbiology; Genetics; Biochemistry; CMB
Intern background needed: Molecular biology, genetics, and/or biochemistry
Course: Microbio 470, Microbial Genetics and Molecular Machines
Course info: upper level undergraduate course, 50-70 students, delivered in blended/flipped format; instructors spend class time working problems with students. Assessments include a group work component. Class meets in the WisCEL technology-enabled active learning space.

Course time/day: Likely to be W,F 9:30-10:45am

Challenges a project might address include: Balance small stakes assessments from each module with some more comprehensive learning assessments.
Potential Guest Teaching Topics/Units: 
  Course is divided into modules, so intern could pick from several, and work with instructor to design new Knowledge Check, In-Class, and Assessment problems associated with the chosen module.

Teaching strategies currently used: Flipped classroom-> In-class time almost exclusively group-based problem solving; lecture capture includes knowledge checks. Real-world examples from active research in the department. Technology: Lecture content is all online; use of Piazza discussion form, Canvas quizzes and atomic assessments for problem solving. Inclusive approaches include: All content online is accessible including transcripts for videos; after taking an individual assessment students have the opportunity to discuss problems with peers and resubmit answers to questions.

Teaching strategy of interest: Expanding on any of the infrastructure described would be helpful – additional problems for a module; exploring better ways to engage students in groups during problem solving; iterative review of connection between module objectives and the problems – any of these would be valuable to incorporate into the intern’s teaching plan.

Please Contact: Devin Wixon <> for more info