Improving student learning in psychology at Madison College

Description: An internship at Madison College offers experience in a teaching-focused, diverse institution that can directly translate to your future career goals. Areas of interest for this professor’s psychology courses include: Connecting the content with real-world experiences, integrating active learning, case studies, technology, effective writing assignments, peer-led study groups, inquiry-based activities, and community-based or service learning. Improving the course climate for diverse students is another potential area of interest.

Semester(s): Fall, Spring
Institution: Madison College
Department(s): Psychology
Intern background needed: Psychology or related social science

Courses may include: Cognitive Psychology, Intro Psych, Abnormal Psych, Human Sexuality, Developmental Psych (online only)

  • Course info: All are 200-level transfer courses
  • Course time/day: Varies. Spring 2019 example-> Cognitive psychology T/Th 10-11:15

Potential Guest Teaching Topics/Units: Instructor is open to structuring the course so that the topic falls within the desired timeframe of weeks 6-10 and matches the intern’s interests. Ideas might include: Autism, Suicide, Schizophrenia, Diagnosis/Assessment (for Abnormal Psych), Sexual Abuse, Sexual Orientation, or Gender (for Human Sexuality), Language (for Cognitive), Human Development, Research Methods, or Personality Psych (for Intro).

Past intern projects with this faculty partner: Have involved teaching students how to read primary literature, although many other topics are possible. See Cameron’s here and Madeline’s here.

Please Contact: Jenna Behm-Lawton <>