Integrate activities into Horticulture courses

Integrate high-impact practices and hands-on activities into Horticulture courses and study abroad experiences

Description: Claudia Calderon is interested in working with a Delta intern on either of the following projects:
1. Support the development and assessment of a hands-on activity for Hort 376- Tropical Horticultural Systems [fall].   Activity ideas might connect with traditional practices used by farmers (particularly soil amendments like composting and intercropping with legumes to add nitrogen to the soil).

2. Promote deeper learning by using best practices and assessment plans across several courses for one the following high impact activities: (a) faculty-led study abroad field practices (b) service learning (c) international internships [fall or spring]

Semester(s): Fall, Spring
Intern background needed: Biology, esp. plant biology. Knowledge of plant breeding, agriculture or horticulture are a plus
Course: Horticulture 376, Tropical Horticulture Systems
Course info: Seminar
Course time/day:

Challenges a project might address include:
Potential Guest Teaching Topics/Units: 

Teaching strategy of interest: Effectively engage a large student group with a few minutes of small group work during lecture
Teaching strategies currently used: We have in-class worksheets for students to complete related to the lecture material. Occasionally we also have pre-lecture assignments. We try to relate lecture material to their lab projects when appropriate.

Please contact: Claudia Calderon <>