Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching

Dates: TBD
Times: TBD
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Registration Closes: TBD
Satisfies requirement for Delta Certificate: ΔΔ (2 deltas)

The CIRTL Online Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching designed specifically for grad students and postdocs new to teaching. In this five-day institute, participants will experience a thorough introduction to the core ideas that ground CIRTL’s approach to STEM education: learning-through-diversity, learning communities, evidence-based teaching, and teaching-as-research. By examining relevant literature, working online in small peer groups facilitated by topical experts, and performing structured work independently; participants will develop a deep understanding of scientific teaching.

Throughout the week, participants will design an evidence-based, inclusive teaching activity. Each day will be split between independent work, large group activities and lessons, and small group work. On the final day of the program, participants will present their teaching activities to the entire group. By the end of the institute participants will have observed, evaluated, and collected a portfolio of innovative teaching approaches, instructional materials and practical strategies for enhancing student learning that can be adapted to their own teaching environments.

Participants who successfully complete the CIRTL Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching will be named Scientific Teaching Fellows by the Summer Institutes on Scientific Teaching. Finally, participants will be familiar with CIRTL’s Associate-level learning outcomes.