Exploring Teaching Practices for International TAs

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Credit information: 1 unit requried (EPD 690)
Satisfies prerequisite toward the Delta Certificate: Δ (1 delta)

This seminar is developed with a primary focus on non-native English-speaking graduate teaching assistants (TAs), who are engaged in instructional roles including lecturing, conducting a laboratory, conducting a tutorial, etc.

As an international graduate teaching assistant, it can be challenging to navigate the socio-cultural barriers that you may encounter as a TA. The objective of this 10-week seminar is to foster a learning community based on active exchange of ideas between international graduate TAs who are interested in developing their skills as effective instructors. Through this course, international TAs will discuss strategies to explore the full potential of their own diverse background in a way that provides an effective, inclusive learning environment for their students. Our discussions will cover

* How do stereotype threats impact our self-efficacy?

* What are the strategies that help us break through the language barrier?

* What can we learn from our evaluations?

* How do we encourage and harness the diversity in our classrooms?

* How to use the instructional experience for our career development?

Questions? Contact Jessica Maher (jessica.maher@wisc.edu)

Satisfies Δ (1 delta)