Engaging Students in the Teaching of Statistics – Short Course

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Learn the pedagogical foundations to effective teaching and learning in statistics in this short 4-session course. Students who complete this course will:

  1. Improve their comprehension of the role that backwards design plays in successful teaching;
  2. Be able to develop teaching plans that involve active learning;
  3. Have at their disposal a number of tools particularly useful for teaching statistics;
  4. Have the capability to successfully reach students with diverse backgrounds.

This course is designed for current or future statistics instructors — whether you’re in statistics departments or in departments that make considerable use of statistics such as psychology, ecology, etc. In light of COVID-19, this course will also address some of the issues instructors face when teaching online. Students should have some prior teaching experience and some basic familiarity with general pedagogy, including the idea of backwards design.

More information about this course can be found on the CIRTL website.

Satisfies Δ (1 delta)

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