Engaging Students in the Teaching of Statistics (Registration closes: 3/11/19)

Location: Online
Satisfies prerequisite toward the Delta Certificate: Half course


Full details and registration: https://www.cirtl.net/courses/373
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This course provides current and/or future instructors in statistics–in statistics departments or departments that make considerable use of statistics such as psychology, ecology, etc.–with a solid grounding in sound pedagogical practices that will engage their students. Instructors will focus on how backwards design, active learning techniques, and inclusive instruction can benefit all students. The course will include presentations on key points including teaching tips, group discussions, and a small-group mini-project focusing on integration of the five leaning objectives. Students who complete this course will:
1. Comprehend the role that backwards design plays in successful teaching
2. Be able to use Bloom’s taxonomy in developing learning objectives and teaching plans
3. Be able to construct assessment tools
4. Comprehend the importance of student background and diversity
5. Be able to employ inclusive teaching practices with a focus on active learning.