Diversity in the College Classroom

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Satisfies prerequisite toward the Delta Certificate: ΔΔ (2 deltas)

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In this course, explore what is known—and theorized—about the ways that diversity affects learning and, in turn, help educators develop practical classroom strategies that address equity, inclusion, diversity, and related topics. We will examine personally meaningful definitions of equity, inclusion, diversity and related terms, consider research on bias, and build a community of inquiry around ways diversity affects both our teaching and student learning.

When you leave this course, you will have constructed:
1. a personally meaningful definition of diversity and related terms;
2. knowledge of some of the fundamental literature on diversity that pertains to STEM and SBE (social/behavioral/economics) fields;
3. a rationale for why you include the content you do in your teaching, and an understanding of how the selection of this content is influenced by your definition of diversity;
4. a toolbox of tips and ideas on how you might address diversity in future courses you will teach (demonstrated in the Inclusive Teaching Plan assignment and the Diversity Statement Workshop activity);
5. a community of peers who are a resource for your teaching career; and
6. experience with learning in an online environment with students from diverse institutions.

Satisfies ΔΔ (2 deltas)