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The CIRTL Network, of which UW is the prototype member, hosts four learning communities. Join these communities of future and current faculty in discussion and ongoing professional development.

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Delta offers a variety of courses and programs each semester. Check out the current offerings or browse our Course Catalog.

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The Delta Certificate in Teaching and Learning was developed to honor the extraordinary efforts some students make to develop their own teaching skills. Learn more about the Certificate Program today.

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Learn about the Delta Program, our mission, and the pillars and principles that guide our work.

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New MOOC: An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching
Updated by Janaina on September 2, 10:30am

MOOC Flyer

Launching on October 6, 2014, this free 7-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will provide future and current STEM faculty with an introduction to evidence-based STEM teaching practices.Participants will learn abouteffective teaching strategies and the research that supports them.

Register for the MOOC through Coursera:


The MOOC is also designed to support local learning communities of participants who want toengage more deeply with the MOOC learning materials in a collaborative environment atUW-Madison. The MOOC-Supported Learning Communities (MSLC) will meet weekly with a facilitatorto discuss and go deeper with the materials provided by the MOOC. The MSLC is an excellent opportunity to build community with other STEM graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and staff interested in effective teaching and learning practices at UW-Madison while simultaneously engaging with the content of the MOOC. For graduate students in particular, completion of the MOOC and participation in the MSLC together may be counted as a Delta course towards the Internship or Certificate Program. Please contact if you have any questions.


Register for the local MSLC through Delta HERE

Space is still available in Fall 2014 Delta Courses
Updated by Janaina on September 3, 11:00am


The following Delta courses still have room available. For more information and to register, click on the course below or visit our Courses and Programs page.


Fall 2014 Courses

Teaching in Science and Engineering: The College Classroom (International)

Internship Seminar

Research Mentor Training Seminar (faculty section)

CIRTL MOOC: An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching

Local MOOC-Supported Learning Community (MSLC)