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The CIRTL Network, of which UW is the prototype member, hosts four learning communities. Join these communities of future and current faculty in discussion and ongoing professional development.

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Delta Course (Jeff Miller/UW–Madison)

Delta offers a variety of courses and programs each semester. Check out the current offerings or browse our Course Catalog.

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The Delta Certificate in Teaching and Learning was developed to honor the extraordinary efforts some students make to develop their own teaching skills. Learn more about the Certificate Program today.

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Learn about the Delta Program, our mission, and the pillars and principles that guide our work.

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December Roundtable on the Delta Internship and prioritizing professional development
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Prioritizing professional development: The Delta Internship and finding time and support for professional development in teaching


December 1, 2015

6:00-7:30 pm

Union South, Varsity Hall

Register online:


Heard about the Delta Internship and wondering how it actually works? And how do you find time and support to pursue teaching professional development like the Delta Internship? At the December Roundtable, you’ll learn about the Delta Internship and WISCIENCE Teaching Fellows programs, and hear from graduate students and their faculty partners who have completed a Delta Internship Teaching-as-Research project. They’ll discuss their projects and how they’ve made time and garnered support to become better teachers. We’ll also discuss concrete strategies on how to incorporate those opportunities into your postdoc or graduate education. Registration is required.

Spring 2016 course registration is now open!
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Delta courses have been designed to provide you with a lens for exploring and developing evidence-based pedagogical skills. Aside from the Internship Seminar, Delta courses can be taken in any combination or sequence, as each offers a unique and valuable perspective on teaching and learning. The enrollment period will begin on November 9, 2015 and can be done online through the registration link under each course description. The Delta Program will offer the following courses and seminars this spring:


» Teaching in Science and Engineering: The College Classroom
» Teaching in the College Classroom: Primarily Undergraduate Institutions
» Internship Seminar
» Informal Science Education for Scientists: A Practicum
» Improv to Improve Teaching and Communication
» Expeditions in Learning: Exploring How Students Learn with Writing Across the Curriculum
» Research Mentor Training (graduate students and postdocs)
» Instructional Materials Development: Integrating Statistics into STEM Courses